About Us

Barnabas Fellowship of Churches is an international network of churches called together to share vision and resources, to work with Christ in the building of His Kingdom. This work can be summed up in the Barnabas mission statement.

Building Kingdom Churches, Developing Kingdom Relationships

This website represents the english churches within the Barnabas network.
You can learn more about Barnabas as an international network at our international website at www.bfoc.org

We Believe

1. The Bible, which is the entirely inspired, authoritative and trustworthy word of God.

2. The Trinity of Father, Son and Holy Spirit

3. God’s sovereignty in creation, revelation, redemption and judgment.

4. The need to repent, believe in Christ as personal Saviour, be baptized in water and in the Holy Spirit.

5. The virgin birth, Jesus’ sinless life, His death, resurrection and bodily ascension.

6. The personal return of Jesus in the power and glory, and His reign on earth.

7. The resurrection of the dead and final judgement of all for eternity.

8. The need for the Holy Spirit in conviction of sin, repentance and regeneration.

9. The gifts of God through the Holy Spirit as God distributes to all.

10. The priesthood of all believers.

11. Preaching the gospel throughout the world and fulfilling a ministry of healing and deliverance to the physical and spiritual needs of mankind.

12. Breaking of bread and the laying on of hands

13. Prayer as fundamental. We recognise the need to pray for our locality, our nation and other situations as God directs

14. Headship is male, but we recognise that leadership is both male and female. We believe then that eldership is male but God uses both men and women in various ministry and leadership roles.

15. The equal value of men and women and their complementary roles.

16. That Israel still has an enduring and relevant part in the covenants and plans of God


Joining Barnabas

Who Can Join?
You can join as a church, as a related ministry or as an individual.

Who To Contact?
Contact us on the contact form here for more information.


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