A Year of Visitation

In this year God is going to do extraordinary things in our midst. As I sit here in Bethel (Bill Johnson’s Church) meeting 30 other apostles from around the world I am amazed at the message God is trying to seed into my heart.  I believe that at our national conference this year something significant will shift. The anointing will shift the yoke of opposition and see a breakthrough in every one of our churches. Eric and Pat, Keith and Tracey and Fiona and I believe and discern the shift in heaven over the movement.

The coming outpouring.

This year when I spoke at Charismata on the subject of Father’s desire to come and visit towns and cities, and I believe something shifted. This year I am also going to be at the regional conferences / calling on Lord days  in Grantham, and also in Winsford (where the leaders are keen for us to have it on the 26th May), Liverpool (I am waiting for a date from Liverpool) and on the 6th February I am planning to meet with ministers in Plymouth to further explore the way forward. I have just come back from Ely and I am looking forward to a follow up visit to talk with the ministers about the possibility of calling the believers in the town together and see Him come. Billy and Anita, a son and daughter of this house, are facilitating that.

Alignment is a key factor in experiencing success in the realm of the Spirit.  Phrases like “who do you say I am”, “don’t take an extra tunic”, “come to me all you who are thirsty” were all a call by Christ to his disciples to align themselves with him and his purposes. To know him, to trust him and to depend upon him. Success in ministry is a function of relational alignment with heaven. The second part of this alignment is vital even critical and without the second part we will always be incomplete in God’s purposes. We then must align ourselves rightly with the Fathers and Mothers God has given us. A Father or Mother we understand always want the best for their spiritual children. And God has ordained that if you honour them it will go well with you. Is the honour of your spiritual mother or father a part of your vocabulary? I shared this prophetic word that the Lord gave me about his desire to visit the nation to Barnabas first, he then let me share it with national leaders. We are truly privileged.

When I was last in Stroud I knelt where Whitfield preached and accessed Whitfield’s anointing and I believe something passed
through the ages and landed on me, I can see the beginnings of the outworking of it.

It’s time for us to take another step into eternal significance and key to that is effective alignment. Please pray for John and Liz Omole who are now praying about moving to Reading and working from Reading as a base. Pray for them that they will be able to sell their home quickly and that Liz would get a job near Reading.


Yinka Oyekan